Sam, Cameron, and Walela playing in the garden.

Who We Are

We met in 2012 in Oklahoma and from that first instant, we began dreaming of our life together.  Drift Hills Farm is that dream realized.  Together with our daughter Walela, we farm organically on an intensively small scale.  We are always striving to grow the most nutritious and delicious food possible and are consistently learning new strategies for farming in the most efficient and conscious way while honoring our ancestors and the gifts of the earth. 
About the Farm
Drift Hills Farm is located on 8 acres at the southeastern edge of the Erie Drift Plains and the northwestern edge of the Allegheny Plateau, a region in northeast Ohio marked by low rounded hills, and wide open plains and wetlands created by glaciers as they moved across the land 20,000 years ago. The landscape around us and the rich glacial tilth our region is blessed by is the inspiration for our name. We sit atop a wide open hill just above the town of Jeromesville.

We are excited to establish and expand our business and be able to offer to the community all the resources we believe the small farm can create. Workshops, community events, and providing a model for growing food sustainably in our region are all a part of our vision - and in the process nourishing our community.

We specialize in unique and heirloom produce, selling our product through our CSA, 2 farmer's markets, 2 local food coops, directly to local restaurants, and to several wholesalers. Through all of these channels, our produce reaches thousands of mouths in northeast Ohio each week.

Sam and Cam

around 2013 in Ecuador




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